About Us

Detailed information about Comunity Skills Development.

Background Information

Community Skills Development was founded by twogood community members ) in the small community of Ikpiro village, Yambio County Western Equatorial State.


It was in 2007 August when we decided to establish the organisation after an intensive research and consultation with various stakeholders within the community about major issues that affect their everyday live.


Our Vision

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Our vision is a community organization dedicated to helping the vulnerable to develop their potentials and working to reduce poverty and injustice

Our Mission

Community Skills Development is a community humanitarian organization whose mission is to work with the disadvantaged, destitute, the poor and oppressed to foster integral human transformation this we fulfil by the following:

Building capacities, empowering the weak, disadvantaged and vulnerable,


By responding to emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies;
Working with community;

Based organizations, Government Institutions and Churches regardless of Creed, Gender and Tribe